Frequently Asked Questions

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At which hotel will the giveaway winner stay?

The location will be different each month and will be for two (2) nights (Friday and Saturday). A winner will be randomly selected on the first (1st) day of each month.

Will it be the same hotel each month or can the winner choose?

No. We will choose a different location each month.

Will it be a one night and two-day stay such as Saturday night or will it be two nights (Friday and Saturday)?

It will be a two-night stay, so it may be a mini-vacation in one of our more exceptional establishments; perhaps a romantic getaway, a time to reconnect, or maybe just a relaxing couple of days away from stress.

Does it have to be a weekend? Can the winner choose a stay during the week?

It will always be a weekend.

Can somebody win more than once?


Is there an age restriction?

Yes. The winner must be at least 18 (or 21 for Ramada Plaza Lakefront Resort in Geneva) years old. The winner may take a person of any age with them to stay in the hotel room.

What’s the catch? There must be a catch.

There is no “catch.” The winner will have the hotel room for free but will be responsible for transportation, meals, and other excursions that they may choose.

Is the winner actually chosen randomly or does the website owner/manager pick people themselves?

The winner is randomly chosen by software and technology that makes it impossible to hand-select a winner. I could not make myself the winner even if I wanted.

Can the winner be a couple instead of only one person?

This giveaway will be for two (2) people; the winner and their choice of guest. No extra fees. If you are single, you may choose to take someone with you, but it is not required.

What happens when I win? How do I claim my free weekend hotel stay?

The winner will be contacted via email or phone. You will need your identification card (I.D.) at the hotel to check in. The hotel will be expecting you (and your guest, if you will have one). Your guest does not need an I.D. to check in.

What happens if the winner cannot go?

If the winner does not respond within five (5) days of being notified, then a new winner will be selected.